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Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit

Loveable Loo Compost Toilet Kit

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The Loveable Loo is a compost toilet for permanent indoor household use. Ideal for your office, bedroom, shop, garage, barn, hunting shack, or vacation camp. What makes the Loveable Loo so versatile? Its simple, zero-installation design. The Loveable Loo is ecologically friendly, and requires no water, electricity, plumbing, venting or chemicals. It's odor-free when properly managed, and no urine separation is required.

You will need an ongoing supply of organic cover material (5 gallons of sawdust are included to get you started) and an outdoor compost bin (not included) to successfully use your Loveable Loo as an odor-free compost toilet system. Learn what you need to know here: How to compost (humanure).

Product Specs:

Your Loveable Loo has been handmade from sturdy 3/4 in. premium sanded birch plywood, and finished with a double coat of water-based clear polyurethane finish. We have pre-installed rubber bumper feet on your Loo to help protect your flooring.

Your Loveable Loo will come to you flat packed for safe shipping. Simple assembly with a Phillips screwdriver is required.

  • Assembled dimensions are approx. 21" L x 18" W x 16" H
  • Assembled weight is approx. 28lbs
Made in Maine. 

    What's Included in Your Kit:

    • 1x Flat-Packed Loveable Loo Toilet, Handmade from Premium Birch-Ply, with Pre-Installed Rubber Bumper Feet
    • 2x Bags with Assembly Screws
    • 1x Easy-Install Mayfair Toilet Seat, Wood with High-Gloss Enamel, Pure White (Made in USA)
    • 2x 5-Gallon Buckets with EZ Peel Lids, Sturdy 90mil HDPE Plastic, Pure White (Made in USA)
    • 1x Complimentary 5-Gallon Bucket of Sawdust Cover Material (Comes in one of your two 5-gallon buckets)
    • 1x Paperback copy of "The Humanure Handbook, 4th Edition" by Joseph Jenkins


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      Typical delivery time is 5-8 business days after you place your order. (We're in Maine—the closer you are to us, the faster you'll get it.)

      Your Loveable Loo Kit contains multiple items and will ship in two boxes.

      We ship via UPS Ground to the continental United States only. If you want to order internationally, please email us at

      A Message from Ben & Tom:

      The Loveable Loo toilet was designed and sold for many years by Joseph Jenkins, author of the international phenomenon the "Humanure Handbook". In 2018 Joe closed down the original Loveable Loo store to pursue other ventures. In early 2020, we contacted Joe to explore the option of bringing back the Loveable Loo for sale online. With Joe's support, we've been working hard for the last several months to prepare our workshop for production, and to create this online store for you. 

      We hope to provide you with outstanding service and a great product, whether you're a veteran of the sustainable way of life, or a new recruit to the wonders of compost! 

      –Ben & Tom, the guys behind the Loveable Loo store

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