Composting Partners

 We believe in environmental sustainability, which always more achievable as a community. Below is a list of our partners that we work with to create a greener future.
Joseph Jenkins is an internationally recognized slate roofing expert with a penchant for environmental and social justice issues. Other books of his include The Slate Roof Bible, and The Humanure Handbook.
                                                                                                                                     is the one stop shop for toilets.  We value the humanure principles of composting toilets and we are an authorized dealer for the Loveable Loo.            
     We are Outdoor Hospitality.
At Life inTents, we design, sell and rent luxury glamping tents. Our cotton canvas bell tents are the toughest and most elegant tents on the market, making them perfect for glamping businesses, overland expeditions, backyard guest houses, and hunting tents.

Who We Are

Collectively, we are a bunch of Dirt Dorks, Route Wranglers, and Soil Singers. But individually, we are farmers, artists, technologists, social workers, musicians, poets, community activists, mothers and fathers working together to reimagine food waste management and rebuild our depleted soils.


Our vision is to close the loop on food waste by empowering community members and local businesses to divert their compostables from the landfill and, instead, use those nutrients to build nutrient-rich soil. Closing the loop on food waste is imperative in building healthy soil, creating resilient, local food systems,and fighting climate change.