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The biggest surprise for me has been that the Loveable Loo really DOESN’T smell.                                                                                                         
Anne and Steve, on August 30, 2020                                                                                
Hi Tom,
Here are some photos of the Loo with its custom seat cover, installed in our van conversion! With the cover on top it makes a perfect single-person sitting bench or foot rest. We call it the ‘stool stool’! LOL
I hope you get more real customer examples like these to give people a good idea of how the Loveable Loo can fit into their van build. Look how gorgeous it is with the natural wood of the Loveable Loo standing out from, yet harmonizing with, our plywood! LOL                                                                                                
My husband is pictured here, enjoying the seat. He likes the LL much better than our Dryflush toilet... The Dryflush twists around the poo and pulls it downward, but in the process it blows lots of air around inside our tiny van... Pew! And the poo is never really sealed off completely, which you can tell just by breathing. ...It stinks the minute you step into the van!                                                                 
 By contrast, the Loveable Loo lets us decide which ‘cover material’ we want to use, and how much. We opted for pellets made of recycled newsprint to “weigh things down“ when necessary (like for toilet paper) and pine shavings to cover everything up. When needed, we can use a generous amount of pine shavings to cover our ‘deposits’ — and amazingly, this completely seals them off from the air! All we smell is fresh pine! I wouldn’t have believed it unless I had tried it for myself in real life.                                                                                                        
The biggest surprise for me has been that the Loveable Loo really DOESN’T smell. (I thought the tree-huggers were downplaying the odor for the good of the planet! LOL) It makes me wonder why I waited so long to use a compost toilet in the first place. 
Anyway, thank you for the bespoke cover for our van conversion and for the great customer service. It turns out that the small confines of a van is a perfect place to REALLY test out whether a toilet will smell! The Loveable Loo passed the test!                                                                                                                         
 In fact, I’m going to be honest with you... Since we really liked using it, and we’re not traveling in the van right now, we actually moved the Loo out of the van and into our garage. We use it as a second restroom, which is really helpful since we have a teenager and two adults sharing one bathroom! I’m attaching pictures of that setup too, just because! We’ll load it back into the van when we hit the road. But for now, it’s doing too much good inside the house! 
Just FYI we have also stored our big bag of extra pine shavings inside the box, since there’s plenty of room in there. We can also store toilet paper, wipes, bags, and a “Damp-Rid” bucket in there. (Great place to hide it and it removes moisture and odors - which already isn’t a problem, but I’m a fastidious person!).  I feel like showing photos of stuff inside, to show how much extra storage space is inside there, would be a real big draw for van conversion people! We always need more storage space!                                                                               
Your Loveable Loo is essentially a piece of furniture that takes up about the same space as the bucket everybody is already using in their simple van conversion - then adds storage AND seating! Pretty cool
Loo with Cover in Van
Open Loo in VanLoo in Garage on top of Cover
Thanks again,
Anne & Steve

Best ever off-grid sanitation solution

Although Joe Jenkins’ Humanure system has been around for more than 30 years, I just discovered it when Joe was retiring from selling Loveable Loo kits a couple of years ago, and he was completely out of stock. Although I could have built my own, I wanted one of his and begged him to make one more for me. He let me know there was talk of someone carrying on the building of them. So I have been eagerly waiting for that to happen.

Fast forward to now, and Ben and Tom and the Loveable Loo Store are in business! I am so happy that I finally have my own Loveable Loo, which is the best, easiest, cleanest, good-looking design, most affordable way to manage an off-the-grid sanitary system ever! And you don’t even have to be off-grid to use it to help take care of the environment.

And I can’t say enough good things about the excellent customer service these guys deliver! BRAVO!